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More than a System - weavr is a Community of Champions in Reconciliation.

Are you part of the weavr community?

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By mob, for mob

Developed by Indigenous IT company LOGiT, designed and tested by leading Reconciliation Mangers, Weavr is an Australian first.

Weavr will help create real outcomes for mob by keeping your reconciliation strategies on track.

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"This is going to make my life so much easier so I can focus on getting the job done."

Why weavr?


build momentum

Weavr is the missing tool to help you achieve your goals and help build a national reconciliation movement.


 Make your Reconciliation actions and activities accessible to all staff to contribute and actively participate


Demonstrate your organisation institutional integrity by embedding Reconciliation in every part of your business - and provide evidence of it

Behind the name

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Since time immemorial First Nations' people have been weaving using all forms of material to create shelters, clothing, bags and toys. These skills handed down through generations, weavers passing on stories and knowledge while gathering materials and making creations.

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