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Streamline, centralise and grow your reconciliation journey

Respect and value First Nations’ peoples, cultures and contributions.

Weavr team at work

weavr. a community for change

weavr. is an Indigenous designed management system that helps you walk the talk of reconciliation.  It will help organise your activities and data to provide insights and analytics, to sharpen your focus and see real outcomes for First Nations’ peoples. 

  • Make the most of your Reconciliation or Indigenous Engagement Strategy 

  • Manage, schedule, prioritise and track your contributions to achieve your strategy goals 

  • Increase Indigenous representation in your procurement 

  • Build a society that better respects and values First Nations’ peoples through business

Weavr progress interface

what is weavr?

weavr. is a world first, multi-faceted management program to help businesses improve their commitment to Indigenous employment, engagement and relationships.

The system works for all business types, and sizes. From those who have no strategy and are just starting out, to those with mature Indigenous Engagement Strategies. weavr is a simple to use management system that:

Makes reporting streamlined

User-friendly, offering an incentive to engage

Allows organisations to track progress in real time

Is the ‘source of truth’ for all the organisation’s efforts on reconciliation

Is customisable to respond to 
different and changing reporting requirements

Kieran Shirey, LOGiT Managing Director

data feeds improvements

"Data feeds improvements. When you have data around Indigenous employment, engagement and relationships in real time, then workplaces can understand how they can contribute to closing the gap and, like in other core business areas, embed processes for using these insights to review and improve how and where these contributions can have the most impact for Indigenous communities."


- Kieran Shirey, LOGiT Managing Director

Respect and promote First Nations' peoples, histories and cultures. Enhance your workplace. Help grow Indigenous businesses.


behind the name

Since time immemorial First Nations’ people have been weaving using all forms of material to create shelters, clothing, bags and toys.  These skills handed down through generations, weavers passing on stories and knowledge while gathering materials and making creations.

Each woven piece holds an important story. One strand by itself is weak. But many strands together are strong.  Weaving these strong strands in an interlacing pattern shows how these interconnected elements are critical to the integrity of the piece.


Weaving is about connecting, listening, learning and sharing.  Weavr. represents these many elements.  We are showing how this ancient practice can help bring modern and practical solutions into the workplace.


weavr. is more than a management system, it is a community for change.

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