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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What if I don't have a RAP?

weavr was designed to be a tool for accelerating outcomes for organisations contributing to Reconciliation. Its doesn't matter if you have a RAP, Indigenous Engagement Strategy, Closing the Gap Plan or other commitment - weavr caters for them all!

Is weavr going to add more work?

weavr will not be adding anything additional to what you've committed to do, it will  just streamlined how you can achieve those goals.

Who can use weavr in my organisation?

Anyone! You can assign, collaborate, communicate and engage throughout your journey.

What would my users see?

Access to weavr is role-based, you can set up users with different access type from Admin users - that see and manage everything, to Light users - that only have minor interactions. 

The system creates user logs so you have the peace of mind that you can access them if you need to.

We have a lot of staff. Do we need to get a license for each user if they need to access weavr?

No, our aim is to let Reconciliation reach every corner of your business so that everyone can be part of the Community for Change. Core licenses are counted towards your subscription, which include your RAP Working Group and Business Unit Managers. The other users are free! Weavr is the first system where user numbers are actually a measure of success.

Is there an Implementation and Training provided?

The team from weavr want your experience to be as rewarding as possible. We provide an implementation and training plan that matches the size of your business and budget. To compliment this, we also have a range of User Guides, Training videos, Group Forum, Resource Centre and Customer Success to ensure that your RAP is the best it can be.

How does weavr demonstrate outstanding value for money?

One of the goals of having weavr is that it is an enabler for the wider business to contribute. Where other business software providers require all users to have a paid license, we offset the cost by offering free access to all light users.

Direct areas that demonstrate weavr is exceptional value for money include:

  • Our users have told us that weavr reduces administration by up to 60% for RAP Managers, giving them time to accelerate Reconciliation outcomes for their organisations,

  • weavr combines the core functionality of project management, survey, business analytics and more,

  • The reporting in weavr is the result of collaboration with all subscribers, meaning that it is always at the forefront of RAP reporting, making it the benchmark,

  • weavr offer a range of other supporting services as part of the Community for Change - enabling unprecedented support and collaboration between RAP organisations. (Several subscribers have said this is worth the 'price of admission' alone)


We do understand that, there are busier periods in the calendar for Reconciliation than others but, as we say, when Reconciliation is happening naturally, its NAIDOC Week every week

Is weavr web based or does it need to be installed on my computer?

Weavr is a fully secure web application. There is no need to install anything on your machine and all information is fully encrypted.

What location will my data be hosted?

Your data is stored in Microsoft Azure data center located in Australia East. Microsoft designs, builds, and operates datacenters in a way that strictly controls physical access to the areas where your data is stored. 

Can weavr link with other systems to get data directly?

Yes, the team from weavr will work with your IT teams to create APIs that will pull the right data from your systems such as procurement and recruitment systems.

It not only saves duplication of effort, but will significantly reduce the amount of data entry for your business units. That way, they can spend more time telling us about all the deadly things they're doing to embed Indigenous culture into their own team's culture.

How are weavr users authenticated?

Each user access weavr with a unique login and password, using your organisation's email. In addition, we offer the option of Multi-Factor authentication (MFA), providing an additional layer of security.

Does weavr have Single Sign On (SSO)?

Weavr also provides the option to use Single Sign On (SSO). SSO for the most common providers, including Microsoft Active Directory (AD) and OKTA.

Is any personal data saved in weavr?

weavr is a Strategic System and as such only uses aggregated data.

What steps does the weavr team take to secure my data?

The team takes every step to ensure your data is secure at all times. This includes

  • encrypting your data in transit and at rest, 

  • conducting regular backups,

  • ongoing monitoring and alert system,

  • regular vulnerability and penetration testing,
  • segregated environments to manage deployment,
  • disaster and recovery procedures, so we're always prepared,
  • conducting training and screening of members of our technical team,

  • and many more.

Do you have additional technical information we can share with our IT Department?

Yes, absolutely! It's important to us that your IT team has an amazing experience with the first Indigenous software company it has worked with to implement a new system. Just drop us an email to and we'll send you a guide to our cyber security.

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