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Our solution


weavr. helps you manage your Reconciliation Strategy, into actions and tasks to achieve deliverables and outcomes.


Develop strategies


Monitor progress of each deliverable


Celebrate success and learn from challenges


Directly with local businesses and communities

weavr community threads interface

world first

weavr. is a world first diversity management system. There are no solutions focused in managing diversity and/or Indigenous Engagement Strategy.

weavr. helps organisations create and manage the implementation of their strategy to achieve desired outcomes, such as:

  • Increased Indigenous employment representation

  • Increased engagement with Indigenous communities

  • Increased Indigenous procurement

weavr. is unique

First to market

There are HR solutions that can provide some functionality that is relevant to HR in general (eg Employee metrics), however none that is specialised to create and manage the implementation of the diversity strategy.

Easy to use

Utilising Microsoft technologies, making it easy to embed to the organisations current processes 


Indigenous designed

The product is developed by an Indigenous business to create a meaningful difference in and for Indigenous communities - we understand first-hand what works 


Social impact

Increased diversity in business brings significant benefits to communities,  recognising and celebrating unique skills and qualities. 

Weavr team at work
Weaving materials

1. Easy to use

Use our template. Or build your own. 

how it works

Visualise progress in weaving

2. Visualise milestones

Makes it easier to track progress.

Weaving hands

3. Schedule

Events, activities and outcomes.

Weaving basket

4. Get updates from your team

Keeps everyone accountable and motivated.

Final weaving product

5. Share your outcomes

Celebrate your successes. Learn from your challenges.

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