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What is weavr


Weavr is a transparency tool which supports businesses and government to demonstrate their institutional integrity by embedding Reconciliation in every part of their business and making the actions and deliverables accessible to all of their staff to contribute and actively participate.

Because weavr facilitates communication across an organisation it stimulates conversations, questions, knowledge sharing and

truth telling leading to greater understanding by all parties.

Weavr supports 'cultural awareness’, it lets more meaningful

interactions occur. Through greater understanding it leads to greater respect and empathy for other people, and a celebration of differences as well as similarities.


weavr has cultural elements throughout so users learn as they use the product

You can visualise your progress in each area of your Strategy. Allowing you to see at a summary or at a detailed level


Maintain momentum with cultural reports such as 'Songline' to celebrate achievements

What weavr users are saying

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