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LOGiT are developers of a number of complex commercial software applications.


One of these is an Asset Management system, used to manage the ongoing operational needs for organisations with fixed asset intensive portfolios.  

Our lead developer is certified to audit compliance for the international standard in Asset Management systems (ISO55001). 

Our understanding of management systems is second to none. We are an Indigenous business with our managing director heavily involved in the Indigenous Business sector and an expert in supplier diversity.  


LOGiT is the only company capable of delivering the first management system designed to assist organisations to demonstrate value from their commitments to reconciliation. 

weavr. is a world class management system creating a clear line of sight between spending and business objectives while significantly improving the outcomes of company efforts towards diversity, efficiently and effectively.

That's why weavr. will be one of the most worthwhile investments your business will ever make in software. 

This management system will help organise your activities and data to provide insights and analytics, to sharpen your focus and see real outcomes for First Nations’ peoples. 


LOGiT is a Supply Nation certified business.

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